Raw Material

  • Virgin HDPE + UV additive
  • Virgin PP + UV additive


  • Prevent weed growth
  • Maintain soil moisture and save water
  • Easy to install
  • Nutrient, air and moisture permeability
  • Chemical-free solution to weed issues
  • Can also be used as shading

Weed controlWeed control



Made to MeasureMade to Measure


Ground Cover (weed mat or landscape netting) in agricultural, it is a mesh used to cover the ground, as a protection of soil surface from erosion, drought and weed growth. Ground cover netting does not only suppress weeds and save water, its air permeability allows air, water and fertilizer to go under the mesh.

The weaving composition also makes sure water draining, in addition to the use of pesticides, liquid will directly infiltrate the soil without damaging the ground cover fabric itself, which will provide the best results for controlling weeds and soil stability. Ground cover mesh allows permeation, but prevent the mud from flowing out and keep the surface clean.

Ground Cover Netting is an ideal choice for controlling the growth of weeds in nurseries, greenhouses, landscape applications and other applications where chemicals are not needed.

Ground cover net is made of 100% HDPE tape with UV-stabilize treatment, they are resistant to sunlight and UV rays to ensure longer life span. Polyethylene (PE) raw materials prevent rotting and biodegradation and are resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals. Weed barrier fabrics are lightweight, easy to install, easy to fold and spread, adhered to the ground, resistant to tearing, piercing, and weed penetration, making it a more cost effective solution.

Ground Cover Netting is weaved by Sulzer projectile looms, woven from long-lasting UV-stabilized PE tapes. They have superior weaving strength and tear resistance and control weeds by blocking sunlight. It can be installed with nails, with its strength, it’s can be walked on.

This landscape fabric is ideal for greenhouses, outdoor display areas or any need to prevent weeds. It is also ideal for landscaping and horticultural applications as a substrate to inhibit weeds, soil and gravel separation or bark debris. Most of our ground cover nettings are black, but we also produce white weed mats for different fruit growing customers. This fabric reflects sunlight, allowing the bottom fruit to be illuminated and fully grown.

Ground Cover
Ground Cover
Ground Cover


Ground Cover
Ground Cover
Ground Cover

* Products can be customized or made-to-measure upon request.