Raw Material

  • Virgin HDPE + UV additive


  • Technical design provides maximum protection
  • High strength, durable
  • UV stabilized
  • Protect crops





Made to MeasureMade to Measure



Knitted shade nets (Raschel Nets) are manufactured under strict supervision, using high-quality materials and techniques. Knitted shade nettings are made of virgin HDPE tape or monofilament, they are extremely strong knitted polyethylene fabric. They help protecting plants and people from direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, providing shades and windbreak. Helps to drastically reduce wind speed, and regulates air flow to provide excellent ventilation, improve light diffusion, reflect heat, keep the greenhouse cool, they are easy to install and remove.

Knitted shade nets (Raschel Nets) are UV stabilized, and the shading rate is from 30% to 95%, which is durable. The net is recyclable and resistant to chemicals. Knitted HDPE shade nets are used in a wide range of applications, including greenhouses, wind protection, deer and bird fences, hail protection, porch and courtyards.

Knitted shade cloth can increase crop growth, quality, reduce temperature, pests, pesticides, reduce environmental pollution, and save water to achieve environmental protection green energy. Crops rely on light as their ultimate source of energy. Plants are extremely sensitive to light quality and light intensity. Shade fabric is not only a screen for sun protection, but also windbreak, sand and salt. With the constant changes in the climate and changes in the seasons, shade nets have become increasingly necessary for conservation and cultivation.

Knitted shading nets also help to anticipate or postpone crop maturation/flowering and ensure that the sun is evenly distributed. They make a strong screen to prevent sunlight from penetrating. They are also widely used in non-professional areas for parking lots and private area fences.

The presence of strong winds and persistent winds can seriously damage the agricultural production. Windbreak cloth creates an innovative barrier that blocks and limits the power of the air flow and wind. Windbreak netting is suitable for all types of farming and installation and helps stabilize wind speed.

Knitting Woven Shading Nets
Knitting Woven Shading Nets
Knitting Woven Shading Nets
Knitting Woven Shading Nets


Shading Percentage
knitted shade net
knitted shade net
knitted shade net

* Products can be customized or made-to-measure upon request.