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Olive and Nut Net & Butterfly Net

Used to collect olives and nuts. Olive nets are designed to collect olives and nuts as they fall or are harvested. The use of olive and nut collection nets reduces crop losses and preserves clean, dry crops to prevent damage and decay. The nets are weaved from lightweight but strong UV-stabilized HDPE monofilament yarns. These nets can also be used effectively as bird nets to protect crops from birds and pests. They are squared mesh - usually easier to handle and retain their shape than other meshes. Olive net has been used in a variety of applications including: bird protection for barns and shacks, bird protection for boats, fish pond covers, swimming pool covers and use as drying nets.

The butterfly net is the ideal solution for preserving planted vegetables. This multifilament black mesh structure is soft and light, can directly cover crops, and can also prevent birds and animals.

Butterfly nets, because of the long service life of the 100% polyethylene structure, and the multifilament used in manufacturing provides a soft, lightweight but high strength mesh.

It can cover any vegetable frame or garden support